Best Home Warranty Companies 2022

  • Protect yourself and your loved ones from major appliance breaks
  • Always be prepared for unexpected repair costs
  • Here you can find how to be protected from unexpected costs and keep your systems running year-round
Last updated Jan 2022
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Choice Home Warranty

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Select Home Warranty

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Home Service Club Warranty

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Complete Care Home Warranty

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First Premier Home Warranty

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Advanced Home Warranty

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InHome Warranty

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More about Home Warranty Services

Home Warranty? 

The home warranty enables homeowners to fix and renew appliances at discounted prices. Home warranty policies are quite similar to home insurances but work for appliances and systems, not the edifice. The good part is that the warranty cover appliances regardless of their age or length of use(depending on the home warranty company policy). 

Home warranty plans vary, and this affects the coverage. A warranty may cover the total repair cost or provide a discount on the repair cost. This applies to renewal/replacements as well. The warranty value may not cover the total purchase cost for new appliances but cover a percentage. Additionally, the repair/ replacement is not automatic, it remains active during the warranty subscription period. So a subscription renewal is required to keep appliances in excellent condition. 

How Beneficial is Home Warranty? 

The repair cost of household appliances and systems can be huge; a good reason to make use of a home warranty. For example, some commonly covered appliances are: 

  • Television
  • Dishwashers
  •  Heating systems
  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerators, etc. 

Beyond appliances, home systems that home warranty covers includes: 

  • Roof 
  • Plumbing
  • Automatic Garage door 
  • Ductwork 
  • Garbage disposals and lots more. 

Trying to pinpointing when a machine, an appliance, or system will stop functioning is a no-brainer. The wise course of action is to plan for unexpected damages. 

Usually, appliances and fittings in the home may come with a warranty but these are usually with a time limit and several conditions in some cases. When the product warranty expires or gets used, subsequent repairs become the responsibility of the owner. 

 For instance, if you own an air conditioning unit. After the original manufacturer's warranty expires, a home warranty that includes this appliance helps to reduce the cost of repair should it breakdown. 

You simply need to contact the home warranty company for evaluation of the appliance, get a quote, and get notified of what percentage of the repair or renewal cost is your responsibility, or you simply pay a token service fee in some cases.

The Cost of Home Warranty 

The basic plan of most Home warranty companies is affordable, although each company has other unique plans at a higher rate and providing cover for more items. 

It can be obtained by anybody. Real estate agents may use it as a perk to increase the value and quality of a residential property. And a homeowner may subscribe to a home warranty after purchasing a new home. 

To make use of a home warranty for each repair, a service fee is required. The service fee ranges between $50-$100 or slightly higher. 

How to Obtain Home Warranty 

Obtaining a home warranty is simple. It's no rocket science or hard puzzle. After buying a home, just like insurance, a home warranty is obtainable easily. 

There are no special criteria attached to the purchase of home warranty. Anyone with a home can benefit from it. And good enough, with the push of a few buttons, you can get access to several home warranty companies online. 

The variety of home warranty companies afford you the luxury of being choosy. Depending on your need, evaluate the companies and choose which offers a plan that suits your need.